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Sajeela Kershi: Shallow Halal 4**** - One4Review

Sajeela Kershi: Shallow Halal 4****

| On 26, Aug 2015

Award winning comedian Sajeela Kershi has always been able to write and perform a show that is inclusive, sprinkle it liberally with humour and laugh out loud moments and her latest offering is of the same high standards. Although deep into week three and her involvement in numerous other performances she injects energy into the room and the performance levels never sag,

In an hour of storytelling combined with stand-up Sajeela, as self-confessed faith fence sitter and Muslim agnostic who may want to jump ship at the end, expounds on the hijacking of religions by extremists. This is never a rant, it is her well thought-out opinion.

There is much of her personal life in the show, which covers her childhood, bullying, Brownie eviction, her uncle being kidnapped by the Taliban, the breakdown of her relationship with her father, teenage angst and a horrific accident as a toddler. These anecdotes, smoothly blended into the whole, are both illuminating and funny as this born raconteur holds her audience enthralled throughout.

Although there is a message underpinning the hour, remember there are lots of light-hearted moments as well. Be prepared to make use of your jazz hands and chuckle muscles.


Reviewed by Geoff

The Newsroom

Until 30th August

14.30 to 15.30


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