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Stand-Up Philosophy – Free 3*** - One4Review

| On 13, Aug 2015

I really like the concept of this show – even more so when I realised that the theme – as well as the guest philosophers – change each day. Today I listened to ruminations on Good/Evil from three speakers: compere, Douglas Walker, a philosopher identified as Anna and comedian Ahir Shar. Mr Walker is not the regular host, but does an excellent job of introducing the show and concept, and providing some initial observations. He also facilitates the audience questions after each speaker, an element which works surprisingly well and creates the atmosphere of a (well-informed) public debate.
Ahir Shar is a confident and fluent performer, with some excellent (though perhaps context-inappropriate) material. He stuck less faithfully to the show’s premise than Anna, though definitely brought the comedy. Anna, though less fluid in her delivery, spoke fascinatingly about philosophical ideas of good and evil and her own interpretation, and provoked some thoughtful questions from the audience.
This show has a really good premise, and it would be nice to see it in a venue more spacious and more conducive to debate.

Reviewed by Laura

Silk, 16:20 (not 17th or 25th)

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