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Imagine There's No Ben Target (It's Easy If You Try) 3*** - One4Review

| On 13, Aug 2015

The instruction to wear sensible shows to this show is not an idle comment. Stilettos will definitely not be appropriate: you’d probably do best in your PE shoes.
Ben Target has this beatific smile which seems to suggest that everything is wonderful and everyone in the show is amazing and it reinforces his statement that ‘we’re going to have a good time’. Miraculously, his confidence and conviction works. This show goes way beyond usual audience participation because the audience is the show. Stage-managed and directed by Ben (who does his fair share of leading by example), we spent only about five per cent of the show-time in our seats. The rest was spent getting up close and personal with everyone else.
This is more of the alternative and highly participative kind of funny which Mr Target seems to favour, although the only thing in common with last year’s show is his use of the audience. It has the potential to be uplifting and fun, or utterly mortifying, and which way it goes will depend entirely on the willingness of the audience. A curious and (probably – this is the Fringe) unique show.

Reviewed by Laura

Heroes @ Hive, 15:00 (not 18th)

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