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Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus 4**** - One4Review

Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus 4****

| On 12, Aug 2015

Trygve Wakenshaw has a wicked smile and a devious sense of humour. He also has an immense capacity to bring that sense of humour to life through mime. This show is a series of skits and thumbnail sketches, some linked and recurring, some utterly out of the blue. There are two props in the entire hour and a half, and though music accompanies the tableau between each sketch, the only other sounds are those Trygve makes himself: shut your eyes and you’d swear they’d let a chicken in the room. And as if to prove that the hands and movements are important, but it’s the face and the expressions that make it, he performed to a song standing relatively immobile, and gave a significant portion of the audience chills (Grease-style).
This show isn’t continuous laughter, but it’s impossible to watch without bated breath to see where it’s going next, and the punch lines are well worth waiting for. A few times Trygve himself caught the giggles, and that’s as entertaining as everything else. Add to all of that a good audience, and this is an excellent show.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard, 22:00 (not 12, 17, 24th)

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