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BEASTS – Live DVD 5***** - One4Review

BEASTS – Live DVD 5*****

| On 12, Aug 2015


BEASTS are Owen Roberts, James McNicholas and Ciarán Dowd a three man sketch comedy group who have built up a huge following over the last two Fringes. And it is oh so easy to see why. They return this year to film their show as a promo for a Hollywood Producer. And that is where the mayhem begins.

Each has their own ideas as to how this should be done and what should be included and beset with technical issues over and above, well let’s say things get a bit chaotic.

Their hour of high energy nonsense is brilliantly conceived and executed, jam-packed with hilarious madcap performances that it is impossible not to be in stitches throughout. There are naked bakers, French Martial arts experts, pirates, corporate sponsorship, remakes of classic movies, falconry and even a new musical on offer, and bread, load and loads of bread. The only way true justice can be done is to go see for yourself.

I often find that in sketch comedy there are a few low points but this is not the case here each moment is as good as the next. Whether BEASTS make it to Hollywood is debatable but what is for sure their future is exceptionally bright. Catch them while you can, assuming tickets are available!


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Upstairs

Until 13st August (not 18th)

16.45 to 17.45


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