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X – Lady Carol 4**** - One4Review

X – Lady Carol 4****

| On 29, Aug 2015

Can it be really ten years since Lady Carol made her first appearance, albeit as a flyerer, but she states it is. She has progressed so much from the woman who never sung in public to being a performer of such merit.

Lady Carol as always delivers a performance like only she can, perched on a stool with her trusty ukulele as company, stylishly dressed this year in red, and proceeds to her set of her own quirky songs, the occasional better known ones, stripped back to make them seem they should be only performed this way, all linked with her own stories and anecdotes delivered in the lilting Irish brogue we have become used to.

But mostly it is her singing we are all here for. The much used term unique is often misused, but it really is appropriate in her case, her range and power just has to be experienced.

She is only playing five gigs this Fringe, and it is held on the top deck of a bus, yes really, so seats are at a premium. Make sure you don’t miss out.


Reviewed by Geoff

Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus

Until 31st August

20.30 to 21.30


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