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Cult - 4 stars **** - One4Review

Cult – 4 stars ****

| On 29, Aug 2015

Cult is an interesting new piece of musical theatre, a collection of monologues and songs relating to different cult groups throughout history. In a similar way to how “Working” presents the material of Studs Terkel, we are presented by actual monologues from the people involved with each cult and then a song relating to this. I was unsure as to whether the song lyrics were also genuine or just relating to the cult in question.

I may not have made that sound too appealing as a show idea but this was a really nicely presented piece with excellent music. The cast are also the musicians, taking turns on everything from piano to recorder with solo singers sharing some microphones. Everything is really well sung and despite a vary varied mix of styles the balance was generally very good, with only a slightly too loud electric guitar cutting through at times (in the opening number especially).

The cast gave very honest, mature monologues with some really beautiful quieter moments with haunting backings. The whole presentation with the blue lighting was very engaging and informative. A niggling point which would be easy to fix was that the projected text introducing each cult was displayed very quickly, I missed one or two. It would also be useful to have more information on each cult in addition to the monologues as there were a couple I hadn’t heard of and to be fair, the ones I had heard of I didn’t really know much about.

All in all a very interesting piece of work, very thought-provoking.

Review by Alan.

Venue 13
Until 29th August


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