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Hedwig and the Angry Inch - 4 stars **** - One4Review

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – 4 stars ****

| On 29, Aug 2015

Hedwig is now a cult Fringe classic, having been performed several times over the past few years and ironically usually in this venue.

This production, more than the others I have seen, had very good audience interaction and despite the younger age of the cast than is the norm showed a maturity and excellent ability to create a raport with the audience. It did drag the show out a little though, more pace would have been good.

I found the sound was a little too loud for the venue, often the lyrics would get drowned out – yes I know it’s a rock/metal show but we still need to understand things as the storyline is quite complicated.

Otherwise a very good production of Hedwig with excellent vocals and superb band and I always like how different companies interpret the songs with completely different video clips, good stuff.

Review by Alan.

Greenside @ Royal Terrace
Until 29th August

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