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A Slice of Saturday Night - One4Review

Viva Youth Theatre present their adaptation of the musical ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, the worry with youth theatre productions of this show is that you tend to find that cast members are either too old or worse still too young. With the exception of Simon Thompson as Eric, the other cast members are about perfect ages for characters, this comes over in their understanding of some of the musical numbers. This production has also added one or two extra characters from the original and on this that has worked perfectly. Most of the male characters join Ryan Aves in the band at the back of the stage at one point or other during the show. The casting director, directors and choreographer all deserve commendations for their work. The cast themselves are not only superb performers, dancers, singers and musicians they are all so full of energy and enthusiasm it was an exhilarating experience. Each performer looked perfect for the parts and the voices were excellent. My only tiny complaint was that the acting area was a little too small. I have seen Eric’s hokey-cokey performed in many strange ways or even cut from the show but this was a new way to me and very very effective. This Superb Slice of Saturday Night sadly has a short stay in Edinburgh, its excellent effervescent energy is entrancing experience it if you can *****

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