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Puddles Pity Party 4**** - One4Review

Puddles Pity Party 4****

| On 26, Aug 2015

 Internet sensation Puddles the clown is receiving an overwhelming response to his Edinburgh Fringe show with people desperately trying to get tickets for his almost sell out performances. Puddles is a 6 foot 8” tall man dressed as a pierrot clown who doesn’t speak for the whole show ,but boy can he sing. He is an imposing figure who greets the audience as they enter his theatre in George Square Gardens while stuffing chewing gum into his mouth. He subsequently removes the chewing gum before each song and pops it back in afterwards.

Although he doesn’t speak, he is very expressive and draws the audience into his world. He croons his way through cover versions of many songs, including Hallelujah, Dancing Queen, Royals, Lonely Boy, the Tequila song and many more while a slide show with old movies and pictures is shown on a projector behind him.

Throughout the show he creates some anxiety within the audience as he randomly picks people to appear on stage with him, don’t think you’re safe sitting at the back. However he doesn’t ridicule his chosen ones, some merely have to sit while he sings happy birthday to them, others he will sing to but you may have to dress up, he had one man sing, well speak the words to Yesterday which was actually very good, a girl playing air guitar to Metallica and a couple of backing singers, all of whom get an acknowledgement at the end of the show.

Puddles really is suitable for everyone, there was even a baby at the show who just gurgled all the way through not at all intimidated by this huge figure.


Reviewed by Sharon

Assembly George Square Bosco

Until 31st Aug

19.25 to 20.30


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