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Aloof - 3*** - One4Review

Aloof – 3***

| On 07, Aug 2016

Don’t let the ‘absurdist’ tag put you off this show: it’s absurd in the sense that a man doing a (really good) impression of a printer in front of an audience is a bit strange and maybe a bit surreal, rather than any of the more nihilistic absurdism some people go in for. This is friendly absurdism, delivered in a recognisable stand-up style, and Ian Lane is confident on stage and secure in his material. His unassuming opening got the audience on side before they even realised it was happening.

The structure of this show is really lovely, a complex tapestry of threads and call-backs woven together right throughout the show. The content and subject-matter is wide-ranging and varied, but it all comes together to form the promised ‘keynote ramble’ (a good description). There’re some visual aids to compliment the talking, and the section on Maslow’s pyramid of needs is an object lesson in how to use visual aids properly. My favourite, however, was Mr Lane’s own extremely plastic and expressive face, which just enhanced everything. That and the toilet seat mimes.

The show lost pace a little about two thirds in, but resumed towards the end. What performers need is audiences, and this show definitely deserves some good ones.

Sabor, 18:30

Reviewed by Laura


  1. Steve Dillon

    I saw this show and thought it was bloody superb, Lane was extremely funny throughout, though my personal highlight (which you didn’t mention in the review) was the Suduko song, which has been stuck in my head ever since!

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