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Jo Caufield – Pretending to Care 4**** - One4Review

Jo Caufield – Pretending to Care 4****

| On 13, Aug 2016

Jo Caulfield can always be relied on to write and perform an hour of well though gags and stories, delivered in the trade mark style she has perfected over the year.
Ms Caulfield seems to have quite a lot that doesn’t totally please her during the past year, be it her ‘gaming’ brother, the house move with ensuing bank issues, a visit to a Lap dancing club, an night out with friends at an Edinburgh club or her much maligned husband, she has scope to grumble and makes full advantage of the opportunity.
There is no doubt that Jo can find laughs in whatever she talks about and the slightly ascorbic and dead pan delivery with the occasional foray using unbroadcastable language add to the commanding performance of class and style.
Her sold-out show audience is maybe a little more mature than some, perhaps it is the exposure she has from being on the telly and on Radio 4 but her appeal seems to be across the board.
This is a thoroughly professional performance and tickets are sure to be difficult to come by. Get there quick so you don’t miss out.
Reviewed by Geoff
Stand 6
19.50 to 20.50

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