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Chiffonnade - 2** - One4Review

Chiffonnade – 2**

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| On 13, Aug 2016

Carre Blanc Cie

The performer stands on stage encased in a fabric covered ball. She retreats into it and pokes out arms and legs before bringing out strips of fabric with which she interacts. She leaves the ball and lays with the fabric, making it into a desert scape. She takes off her dress and lies on the desert before lifting the fabric and playing with some water that is leaking across the stage. There is no spoken element.
This is marketed as a childrens show. One of my children spent the whole (long) 30 minutes asking ’why is she doing that?’ ‘what’s that for?’ whilst my other child lost interest after a brief time and spent the time gazing around the room. These two reactions seemed to be mirrored across the rest of the audience.
The physical prowess of the performer was impressive and, at times, some of the visuals were beautiful, but a show without language needs to be able to represent its story in a way that is clear and engaging. This show did not and therefore failed to charm or delight.
By Karen
Chiffonade, Carre Blanc Cie
Institut Francais , daily 10.30 and 11.30

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