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Science Magic 3*** - One4Review

Science Magic 3***

| On 13, Aug 2016

This show is part of the Free Festival, so you can’t book a ticket, but it is worth getting there early to get your place in the queue – this show is worth it. Your mini magicians will love the tricks, while small scientists will appreciate the explanations.

It has lots of science and plenty of silliness – from playing with fire to defying gravity, with a little help from balloons, ghosts, and magical ketchup, Donal Vaughan had a wide range of tricks / experiments to play with.

He had quick-fire gags aimed at the children, and plenty of silliness. What he didn’t quite have is the smoothness of patter that I hope will come, by the end of his fringe run. Some of his better lines aimed at individual children, perhaps even using a volunteer or two for an early trick, just to make him appear a little friendlier and more relaxed, and this show will easily get to being four or more stars.

Oh, and extra credit for one of the best “bucket speeches” I’ve heard this Fringe.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters
To 28th Aug 11:00

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