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Amelia Ryan - Lady Liberty 4**** - One4Review

Amelia Ryan – Lady Liberty 4****

| On 25, Aug 2016

Amelia Ryan returns to Edinburgh following her award winning show Storm in a D cup. There were obviously some returning fans, given the warm welcome she received.

The show starts with Amelia being wheeled onto the stage dressed as the Statue of Liberty, clutching onto her bottle of champagne (rather than the iconic torch). This sets the tone for the fun night the audience is about to receive.

She takes us through her seven stages to liberation, through some familiar songs with her hilarious lyrics. She quickly encourages audience participation, getting members of the audience on stage to be part of the act. A lovely couple from California were soon involved in Amelia’s version of The Little Mermaid’s – Part of Your World. There was the game show – Never Have I Ever – where three members of the audience bravely made some daring confessions on stage.

The success of these acts was due to Amelia’s natural rapport with the audience. By the end of the show the audience felt so liberated she had them singing a song called “My Vagina is eight miles wide” as if they were singing along at the Christmas Panto.

This was a fun and entertaining evening ending with a potent message about striving for liberation.

Reviewed by Lynn
Amelia Ryan – Lady Liberty
Assembly George Square Theatre, The Box, 21:40

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