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The Dandelions Story - 3*** - One4Review

The Dandelions Story – 3***

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| On 13, Aug 2016

The Dandelions Story

This Korean production of a famous childrens tale is prettily executed, has incredible costumes, strong acting and good design.

The tale is interesting and bound to appeal to children of a certain age. A dog poo questions the meaning of her existence as she is told she is useless. After varios encouters she comes across a dandlion seed and they come together to produce a beautiful flower – her existence has had a purpose after all.

There is a downside however, and that is that the story (unlike their other childrens show Tiger in Blossom, also playing this year’s festival) relies heavily on the spoken word. The company has taken the decision to perform in English and therin lies the problem. The translation is poor and some odd choices have been made (the Poo sings about wanting a ‘meaningful’ life – a concept way too complex for the 4-6 year old audience who would easily have understood a ‘useful’ or ‘helpful’ life) and the accents are very thick and difficult to follow. This resulted in the story being difficult to understand which meant the younger audience lost interest.

Still, worth seeing for the beauty of the production (just dont worry too much about exactly whats going on.)

Reviewed by Karen

Modl Theatre
CToo Daily 2.15

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