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The Listies 6D (twice as good as 3D) 5***** - One4Review

The Listies 6D (twice as good as 3D)  5*****

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| On 13, Aug 2016

So far I believe this show to be our absolute favourite out of the children’s progaram so far!
Within seconds of being seated, there were references to farts and poo, and if you’ve ever been in the company of a child, you will fully appreciate the joy that this can bring. And it did not end there, there was snot,stinky socks and all manner of delights. The show is focused on movies, their ratings and tales that are associated with the ratings. The tale of the haunted backpack was a particular joy, with puppetry and some excellent use of props and special effects, the audience were in fits of laughter. We then went on to explore Ninja Nan’s and one particular journey into space!
The cast of the show involve the audience fully in the show with our opportunity to help create the story along with the guys and there is even our own movie to be watched which was created during the show!
If you have a family ( or even a child you can borrow for an hour!) this is a terrific show and offers excellent value for money and will provide lasting memories of the Fringe for the younger audience, I cannot recommend this enough!
Assembly Roxy
Roxburgh Place
4th August – 21st August.
Reviewed by Kath.

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