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Set List: Stand Up Without a Net 4**** - One4Review

Set List: Stand Up Without a Net 4****

| On 11, Aug 2016

Oddly, for a show where the element of risk is intended to be high, this show is starting to feel like a safe bet. This is partly courtesy of the wild, crazy suggestions that come up, both on the list shown by compere Kai Humphries, explaining the show, and in those given to the acts.

Much of the humour comes from the acts either reacting to the subjects, or better still, pretending that this really is their own list. Opener Eric Lampeart did just that, with smooth transitions between subjects and lovely reincorporation of earlier themes.

Neal Portenza, usually a silent comedian / mime, got some great laughs from that concept alone, while Gordon Southern absolutely ran with it all; you could easily forget it was improvised.

Diane Spencer was fascinating – some brilliant lines but also managing to look like she was no more than a heckle away from total mental breakdown. I hope she wasn’t, as she was still so likeable.

Final act Marcel Lucont remained his usually superior, slightly bored character throughout, and again, made that work.

This is a show that I suspect is a huge benefit to the acts, staying in character despite whatever is thrown at them, and fun for the audience too. My only niggle is that it feels slightly cheating that so many of the topics are wild and crazy in their own right, rather than simpler kicking-off points for the acts’ imagination.

Reviewed by Gill
Gilded Balloon Teviot
To 28th Aug (not Mondays) 22:30

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