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Tipping Point - Ockham's Razor - 5***** - One4Review

Tipping Point – Ockham’s Razor – 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2016

Ockham’s Razor are a five strong troupe of talented acrobats, who bring their latest show, Tipping Point, to the excellent C scala venue in St Stephen’s, Stockbridge. The show is designed to be seen in the round, and those in the front rows are so close to the action that they are asked to remain seated throughout.

The performers present a show that is exhilarating to watch, with some touching emotional moments, along with a sense of playfulness and a light comic touch. They incorporate 5 metre poles into the act, and these are climbed, swung on, balanced upon and become a series of barriers and supports in a fast-moving exploration of trust and betrayal, order and chaos. This is physical theatre of such grace and fluidity that it appears other-worldly and quite magical.

Simply staged, all of the drama is in the performance, set to an original musical score which works perfectly with the piece. The theme of the mystery and spiritual symbolism of the circular form is repeated in movement and also in solid form by using chalk on the black floor. The circle is seen as both a setting for conflict and for contemplation.

Beautiful, exciting and touching, Tipping Point is an experience not to be missed.

Reviewed by Shiona

C scala – Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge (Venue 166)
Until August 25 (Not Tuesdays) 15:00 (1hr5min)

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