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Hello Humans 2** - One4Review

Hello Humans 2**

| On 25, Aug 2017

Positive things about this show: Jay Cowle is enthusiastic and personable, and seemed to really enjoy performing. He never let his energy diminish throughout, despite the little that was coming back from the audience (who did their best to be receptive and supportive).

Constructive feedback about this show: pace, tone, speed and volume of delivery need to vary otherwise it can feel monotonous. Jay would also benefit from developing the art of the pause, and making punchlines sound more like punchlines rather than a run-on from the previous thought. Lastly, was overuse of the ‘like’: it has no place except in similes or analogies.

Unfortunately, this non-stopping express-train style of delivery meant that 1. I really struggled to keep my attention from wandering and 2. it obscured and overshadowed the material, making it hard to tell what was good. I’m certain some of it was good, but too much of it was padding.

Mr Cowle has potential to develop a very nice line in accessible non-sense based funnies, but this was a long way from that.

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, 15:30

Reviewed by Laura

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