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Mae Martin and Nick Coyle: Show Party 2** - One4Review

Mae Martin and Nick Coyle: Show Party 2**

| On 11, Aug 2017

This show feels like it has potential, but it wasn’t yet realized on the day I saw it.

Essentially, Mae Martin and her friend Nick Coyle decided to do an improvised show. However “we forgot we don’t know how to improvise” Martin explains. Actually, they do have some idea, but need more confidence and something resembling a plan.

One of their techniques was to take audience questions from a bucket, which can lead to humour, but needs to be more tightly controlled. Questions can be anything, scene suggestions, or characters, or styles of theatre – any of these will work, but the vagueness of “any questions” didn’t leave them with enough to bounce off.

They did a scene that had amusing moments, and followed it up with an A-Z version. This worked better.
There was random interpretive dance from Nick, an odd improvised sketch, then their guest “cheekiest act at the fringe”, according to Martin, Adam Hess who seemed to think he needed to improvise stand up, rather than being the ‘safe’ part of the show.

Martin being forced by Coyle to tell us about her phone sex did get some laughs, and the song at the end did manage to bring back the ‘title’ of the show, as picked from an audience question earlier.
So there is a lot of potential here, if Coyle and Martin can make firm decisions on what to do, and get on with it, rather than worrying about that in front of their audience.
Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe
Until 28th (not 16th or 23rd)

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