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Michael Stranney – Welcome to Ballybeg 4**** - One4Review

Michael Stranney – Welcome to Ballybeg 4****

| On 19, Aug 2017

Michael Stranney delivers a highly entertaining and funny hour of comedy as small Irish town lad Daniel Duffy giving us the audience a presentation on behalf of the Ballybeg Tourist Board on how the afore said village is the only place to go on holiday.
With the presentation on VHS and the projector originally a barbecue, things are obviously going to go wrong and they do. But when this happens it gives Daniel a chance to introduce some of the characters who inhabit this would-be holiday mecca one of which is the woman he is secretly in love with.
There is ample opportunities for character development and comedy in Duffy and the cameos of the villagers of which Stranney does with this show is peppered with laugh-out loud moments either delivered live or in the occasionally working VHs.
The packed out crowd got on board with this rooting for him to succeed in his quest to get the tourist dollars in and running parallel to this willing him to ‘get the girl before she leaves for Ouagadougou, it’s twinned town.
Will Duffy succeed? You’ll have to go to find out. This is a really good way to start a Fringe evening.
Reviewed by Geoff
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18.00 to 19.00
Until 25th

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