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Ben Fogg: How I Won Best Newcomer 2017 3*** - One4Review

Ben Fogg: How I Won Best Newcomer 2017 3***

| On 19, Aug 2017

It takes some guts, or an ego the size of a small planet, to emblazon this show title over media in Edinburgh this year. A good marketing tool? Maybe. But it really does put the pressure on for him to deliver the goods.
I can only comment obviously on the show I saw, but it didn’t seem like he did. He burst onto the stage in a gold jacket, a green headband and a success medallion around his neck, informing one and all it was a show about success.
On one level it worked, his characterization was good, the material at times funny, but the audience were not really getting on board. His constant asides of ‘come on guys I really need this’ whether scripted or genuine pleas, did little to affirm his show title. The pseudo spat with his techie has been seen before and was a bit tired.
Also the material on sending emails, mid-thirties dinner parties, training for marathons differences of the sexes and being a disappointment to his parents, well not exactly ground breaking. The one genuinely laugh out loud moment was his alternative to the bucket list.
The ending on an email sent from his late father did show a different side to the performer and the fallout from it put a different slant on the meaning of success.
Reviewed by Geoff
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16.45 to 17.45
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