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The New Maths Magic Show 3*** - One4Review

The New Maths Magic Show 3***

| On 09, Aug 2017

From our arrival, we were set maths challenges, before magician Jason Davison set about using his tricks to explain mathematic ideas.

The room was packed, with parents eager to encourage their children to love this sometimes unpopular school topic, but the children were happy to be there, as several got to take part in tricks, as well as being tested on their magical abilities.

Davison makes a habit of pretending tricks have gone wrong, before ending with the proof he’s actually spot on. This in itself isn’t a problem, and could build the tension well, but he doesn’t yet have the patter slick enough for the ‘deliberate mistakes’ not to look a little like things going awry.

The show is described as age 6-14, though I would say was challenging for the under 10s. This wasn’t easy maths by any means. But it was a great way to get some new concepts and ideas across to children, in a way that makes learning easy.

Many shows go on tour after Edinburgh – here’s hoping he’ll be at Primary Schools around the country!

Reviewed by Gill
11:10 to 12.00
Until 20th

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