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Stuart Goldsmith: Like I Mean It 4**** - One4Review

Stuart Goldsmith: Like I Mean It 4****

| On 12, Aug 2017

Stuart Goldsmith is a comedian I know I can rely on for consistent laughs, and truly I got those in this show.

The show is about how Goldsmith’s life has changed lately, and how he’s dealing with the complexities of that. There’s a central thread with some entertaining flights of fancy, but always returning to the central theme.

I’m loath to tell you the theme, as I would not have gone, had I known that the show was about his settling down and becoming a father – there have been a fair few shows on that theme in recent years, and it’s a struggle for an act to find something different to add. Yet you should ignore that concern, and go anyway, because it works. It’s a really fresh, new take on the whole parenting experience.

He’s also got material on being ‘flexitarian’, on French chefs, on Attenborough documentaries, escape rooms, even on the mantacore – and how many Edinburgh Fringe shows can say that?

Reviewed by Gill
Liquid Room Annexe / Warehouse
15:45 – 16:45
Until 27th

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