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Robin Ince’s Rorschach Test 4**** - One4Review

Robin Ince’s Rorschach Test 4****

| On 12, Aug 2017

This show is going to be different every single day, because Robin Ince has just so much he wants to say, so many works of art he wants to share with us, and so many interesting anecdotes (yes, some of them about his professor friend) that he runs out of his hour with various of his slides left not covered.

And yet it’s a great show, for all that it will be missing bits each time. His passion for art and poetry, for science and for life is utterly infectious. I found myself heading into the Museum later that day.

Certain things really stood out – prioritizing his reading by how much love, joy and wonder it’s likely to provide – which can allow you to skip the newspaper columns of stress, in favour of a volume of poetry, or a novel.

He talks about staring at art, paintings, that you love, and really getting to know them. He claims calling things pretentious is an excuse not to engage with them. He read us a poem he wrote. He made all of this funny.

And yes, Ince fans, I was in the right show. He’s had enough being negative, and angry about things, and is focusing on joy. And why not?

Reviewed by Gill
Gilded Balloon at the Museum
13:390 – 14:30
Until 13th

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