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Jane Hill: Cow 3*** - One4Review

Jane Hill: Cow 3***

| On 12, Aug 2017

Jane Hill is a cow – or at least, she’s trying to be. Not entirely successfully, as she has a charm and likeability, as well as a twinkle in her eye during her more bitchy tales that make it hard to believe she’ll succeed in being a cow, however sick she is of being called ‘lovely.’

Throughout the show, we get to vote if something she says, or has done is ‘cow’ or ‘lovely.’ Today, lovely won. However some of the audience considered her a cow about hiking poles, ukuleles, National Trust rules, and parking spaces.

Nevertheless, Hill debates whether to ‘embrace her inner crone’ as the self help book suggests, or stick with going for ‘mardy old woman’, who incidentally does NOT look like Theresa May, despite what’s been said about her.

Then she experiments with more being ‘lovely’ as a way to de-stress. She tries a good turn every day, but the first goes wrong. Finally, Hill wonders how to save a life, and when her chance will be, before realizing she’s done that already.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House
13:05 – 14:05
Until 27th, Not 15th

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