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Samantha Pressdee: Back 2 Basics 4**** - One4Review

Samantha Pressdee: Back 2 Basics 4****

| On 16, Aug 2017

This show has lots of threads: it’s a lament for a friend and for society, it’s a cry for compassion, it’s an essay on radical left-wing politics, it’s excellent storytelling and very funny in lots of places. It addresses challenging issues like mental health and grief, and it makes intelligible, real-world, connections between private troubles and public issues. It’s really good and well worth seeing.

Technically, the show is excellent: Ms Pressdee is a confident orator, (even doped up on flu medicine), the stories intertwine and complement each other, each bit holding the next one in place like the blocks of an arched bridge. The visual aids add to the show and to the veracity, and there’s a good smattering of political theory and theorising.

It is comedy (despite how this review may make it sound) – and there are some bit of tits and smut (wonderful bits) – but it is also heartfelt and personal. Ms Pressdee had a nice way with the audience, and though there weren’t many of us, it never felt awkward – I even really wanted to give Ms Pressdee a hug at the end.

Laughing Horse @ 48 Below (Broughton St), 19:30

Reviewed by Laura

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