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Tom Ballard: Problematic 5***** - One4Review

Tom Ballard: Problematic 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2017

Tom Ballard is a young Australian comedian who in his third year at the Edinburgh Fringe is just going from strength to strength. Tom is extremely self and socially aware and this astute comedian knows how to work the audience and get his message across without causing offence or making it feel overly political.

Tom has been trying to live outside his privileged bubble in the last year, but there is just so much to miss in there. His show is a mix of witty one liners, hilarious anecdotes and an informative but amusing look at Australian politics, particularly the extreme right-wing views of the One Nation Party. He tells of his recent appearance on a reality television show back home, First Contact, where 6 European Australian celebrities visit native towns and villages of the indigenous population, to try and gain an understanding of their way of life. Obviously not everyone has the same live and let live attitude of Ballard and some views really grate on him, however he can use his furtive imagination to distract him.

Looking like a baby (Jimmy Carr quote) he is able to go to some dark places with some of his material as he discusses political correctness and what is acceptable under different circumstances, does everything cause offence to someone?

I have always enjoyed this clever comedian and this is his best fringe show yet. His material is topical and thought provoking and his delivery is professional and slick.
Reviewed by Sharon
Pleasance Upstairs
20.30 to 21.30
Until 27th

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