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Casting Off 3*** - One4Review

Casting Off 3***

| On 05, Aug 2018

Women generally are known for being great talkers and multitaskers and these three certainly took this to a completely different level. They provided comedy, circus acrobatics whilst talking about daily chores, reciting rhymes and providing inspirational speeches. This group of women have a huge amount of energy, tumbling around the stage providing amazing circus tricks that involved balancing on a pyramid of chairs and peddling a tricycle upside down. The effort to put up the ropes for the trapeze routine at the end of the show was well worth the wait. However, their constant talking throughout their performance was often a distraction from their circus tricks and for me didn’t seem to fit in with the routine they were doing. The show also lacked atmosphere due to the fact there was no music throughout the entire programme. The trapeze routine in particular needed the build up that music provides. I appreciate they were trying to do something different but I’m not quite sure it worked as well as it could have.
Reviewed by Lynn
Assembly George Square Gardens – Palais Du Variete
5th – 26th

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