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Kids Do Forth on the Fringe 3*** - One4Review

Kids Do Forth on the Fringe 3***

| On 15, Aug 2018

Kids do Forth on the Fringe, Hosted by Bec Hill, gives audiences a preview of various childrens’ shows that are on this year. As with last year, Bec Hill is full of energy and cheekiness, making the children laugh and keeping the show running along. She is a joy to watch and has a great rapport with kids.

This year’s acts included Dick and Dom, Arr we there yet?, Kaput, Splash Test Dummies and Kiki’s Birthday. Some of the acts were better and more suited to this type of show, where each act is given just a ten minute slot. The allocated time should, I believe, be used to entertain the kids, not just drum up business (I’m looking at you, Dick and Dom).

The quality of the show depends entirely on the acts themselves, so can be a bit hit or miss, although the line up can be searched for online.

I felt that, despite the wonderful Bec Hill, this year wasn’t a patch on last year. This may be in part due to the show starting twenty minutes late, and also because it is 15 minutes shorter than last year, which gives the acts less time to do their stuff, and less time with the wonder Bec.

This show is only on for two days each year, so if you fancy it be sure to book up early, and perhaps check out the line up first.

Reviewed by Claire

Gilded Balloon Debating Hall

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