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Sally-Anne Hayward:- Comedienne-ess 3*** - One4Review

Sally-Anne Hayward:- Comedienne-ess 3***

| On 19, Aug 2018

Sally-Anne Hayward has been on the comedy map for a number of years now and has all the confidence and persona you could ask for, and she does have a lot of funny stories and jokes in her bag of tricks too.
The opening icebreakers were handled with aplomb, and the way she neatly dealt with a rather enthusiastic front row guy spoke volumes, I thought he was going to spoil things initially, but was well and truly brought into line.
Sally-Anne chats about her boyfriend, snoring, gender changing and what she would be like if she elected to be a man, the results may surprise.
Super slim herself, she says not allowed opinions on weight, then goes on to expound on the subject, diet and exercise, yoga and a delightful story on spinning and her instructor.
Other material on getting older, supermarkets and morning after pills go down well, and her audience interplay hit just the right note throughout.
This was a solid set from an accomplished performer and I’m sure enjoyed by all. I just felt that maybe she played it slightly safe, maybe it was her audience, but I know from seeing her previously there is more in the locker.
Reviewed by Geoff
Just the Tonic Just Out of the Box
19.20 to 20.20
Until 26th

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