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BalletBoyz: Them/US 4**** - One4Review

BalletBoyz: Them/US 4****

| On 03, Aug 2019

BalletBoyz was co-founded by ex Royal Ballet dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. Over the last 10 years the company has performed around the world and won numerous awards and accolades working with leading dancers, choreographers and designers.
Their performance of Them/US absolutely confirms why they are so highly regarded. Them/US is split into two acts. Act one, Them, brings the troupe of dancers dressed in 1980’s style tracksuits to the stage. The tracksuits are maybe retro in style but the performance certainly isn’t. This is a very fresh modern contemporary performance with the dancers bringing their balletic style as they perform a workout routine around a large metal cube on stage. Charlotte Haring, the composer of the music for Them, worked very closely with the dancers and this was very apparent throughout as the dancers accentuated each note with every dance movement. I would have to say this particularly worked well during a solo performance where I was completely drawn in.
The second Act, US, follows a short five minute interval. With a costume change there is a different feel to this performance with a stronger connection between the dancers as they circle and entwine to music composed by Keaton Henson. There is a solo performance that is completely mesmerising as you are drawn into his story told through dance. The finale is an absolute treat as two bare chested male dancers perform a duet that had me completely enthralled. These dancers demonstrated an incredibly strong connection throughout this sensual routine.
BalletBoyz bring the full package of dance along with fabulous choreography set to a wonderful original musical score. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Lynn
Underbelly Bristo Square McEwan Hall
Time 13:00 (1 hour)
Until August 15th

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