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Micky P Kerr: Kerr in the Community 5***** - One4Review

Micky P Kerr: Kerr in the Community 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2019

This a very enjoyable entertaining hour of comedy, music, and a little dance. Micky P Kerr hails from Leeds. He is a primary school teacher in another life and made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. He didn’t win. He was robbed! Micky is a huge talent. Very funny and a more than competent musician.

Tonight the theme of the show is how to write a global hit record and achieve international, or at least a glimmer, of success in the music business. We are told that lyrics aren’t important and this is demonstrated with examples of songs from the Bee-Gees to Freddie Mercury, and even the great wordsmith, Bob Dylan. The words just don’t matter.

Micky is very at ease on stage as a performer and interacts with the audience members with much easy wit and charm.

The stand up is broken up with some video examples of certain musical genres; the real life version of the cliched love song, the boy band video, with the obligatory key change included.

Micky manages to get the whole audience on board. This is clever comedy presented in a lovely casual cosy manner. A very engaging and likeable character.

The hour is up all too quickly with a very funny finale involving audience participation.

Very funny. Please catch this show.

Reviewed by Margot
(The Dairy Room)
17:15 until August 26th

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