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Ben Verth:- Sh*tegeist :- 3.5*** - One4Review

Ben Verth:- Sh*tegeist :- 3.5***

| On 15, Aug 2019

Ben Verth is a guy who knows all about the Scottish comedy scene having been part of it for a while, and even when partly living away, in London was still involved, so it is no surprise to see him do a good, solid hour once more.

Verth claimed he is not living his best life, but then who is? He goes on to provide examples , the problem with his show poster, dropping pastries on the floor, trying to become vegetarian, and getting caught out when failing by his girlfriend and being a bit of a hypochondriac in regards to hayfever and smelling toast… oh and he used to drink too much, check out the Health board website for proof.

He is in his thirties and realistic to who he is and what he can achieve, claims to have no filter, but has a good tip for getting train seats to himself, well usually a good tip!

It is an interesting and entertaining hour, with plenty of laughs as well, spent in the company of this hairy man and even if the room is somewhat sauna like it passes all too soon. The show I saw had quite a lot of punters in and there was energy to spare in the space, something Verth thrived on

3.5 ***

Reviewed by Geoff

Monkey Barrel 5

21.55 to 22.55

Until 25th

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