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Definitely Louise - Bethany Heath - 4**** - One4Review

Definitely Louise – Bethany Heath – 4****

| On 07, Aug 2019

Entering the Attic in the Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, the stage looks like a typical messy teenager’s room, and when the eponymous Louise rises from her sitting position, she appears to fit that mould precisely. As the hour progresses however, Louise shifts from being foul mouthed, sassy and super confident in her own abilities to alluding to deep personal issues. She spits her contempt at her drama school taught competitors with delicious venom, and demonstrates her acting ability in little (often unexpected) skits, but it becomes apparent that the constant rejections are fuelling her misery. Throughout the play there are hints that all is not well in Louise’s universe which slowly seep into the action and by the end of the play we realise that Louise’s bravura performance at the beginning was an acting masterpiece.
Bethany Heath wrote this piece and plays the part of Louise. She is a fantastic actor and her performance is chameleon-like as she flits through the various dimensions of Louise’s persona. The ending did feel a bit abrupt and a greater build up to the ensuing crisis may have made it feel more coherent but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Bethany’s performance and look forward to seeing more of her work in future.
Reviewed by Rona
Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre – Attic
Until 25th August (not 12th)

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