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Michael Odewale : #BlackBearsMatter 4**** - One4Review

Michael Odewale : #BlackBearsMatter 4****

| On 15, Aug 2019

Michael Odewale’s style of comedy is intimate and almost confessional. This is a fresh voice with a fresh perspective on what it is to be perceived as the threat. Being a young black man you have to be a little self aware. It’s tough when you just happen to be going the same way for a couple of streets, late at night, behind a single young woman who is clearly intimidated and so obviously relieved not to be attacked!

Michael has had an interesting insight into being too poor at a private school and not black enough whilst attending a state school.

There are funny situations and dilemmas recounted by Michael. There is a very funny story involving a date, with Jessica, who has a nut allergy. There are tales of living in London where there is a constant, but varied, level of a terrorist threat and the need for a good pair of Nike running shoes.

Growing up in a deprived area of London without a dad must have been a tough start but Michael, his mum and his sister, managed just fine. Michael declares that he was clearly the favoured child as mum opted for a private education for him and the local comp for his sister.

This is an impressive Fringe debut. A very entertaining and clever hour of stand up. Go see!

Reviewed by Margot
Pleasance -Bunker 2
17.30 (1hr)
until August 25th

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