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The Giant Jam Sandwich 5***** - One4Review

The Giant Jam Sandwich 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2017

The Giant Jam Sandwich is, apparently, a well-loved and known children’s book. I admit, I’ve never heard of it, but after this amazing show I’ll most definitely be buying it.
It tells the story of a small rural village that is invaded by millions of wasps. One local comes up with the idea of trapping the wasps in a huge jam sandwich, and thus the story is born.
This show is musical theatre for children at its finest. Three actors play the parts of numerous characters, and they were all fantastic. My personal favourite was Baker Bap, who first came up with the sandwich idea. There is also the local mayor, farmer, wasps, bees – all played brilliantly.
The singing was exceptional, as were the props, costumes, sound and lighting. There honestly was no low point in the show. I think shows like these – that take a simple story then add to it with additional dialogue or singing, work best for young children as they can enjoy the show without becoming overwhelmed by the story.
The show is an hour long which flew in, and is suitable for children of all ages.
Funny, entertaining and beautifully made, if you have children, see this show!

Reviewed by Claire
Pleasance Courtyard
August 18-28

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