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Police Cops - Police Cops in Space 5***** - One4Review

Police Cops – Police Cops in Space 5*****

| On 13, Aug 2019

The award winning Police Cops are back with their latest adventure ‘Police Cops In Space’, and it doesn’t disappoint. This show hits every Hollywood trope with aplomb, following the tale Sammy Johnson trying to fulfil his pledge to his dying father; ‘To be the best damn police cop in space’. The hour delivers more laughs per minute than you’re likely to find anywhere else on the fringe. The three performers kitted out with cargo pants and trainers give a high energy performance that feels like they are enjoying it as much as everyone else is. They are assisted by glove puppet guns and an array of lo-fi props used with ingenuity. This is not your average silly cop movie send up, the precision of the choreography, hilarious tangents, great writing and performances set it apart. Expect Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Mighty Boosh. Police Cops are also doing a show called Police cops: Badass Be Thy Name which will be certain to deliver a similar strain of silliness. Be sure to limber up the jaw before you go in as your face is going to hurt.
Reviewed by Sarah
Assembly George Square – Studio one
22.40 (1hr)
15th and 17th only

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