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Silence in Court - Edinburgh Little Theatre - 3*** - One4Review

Silence in Court – Edinburgh Little Theatre – 3***

| On 11, Aug 2019

On arriving at Hill Street theatre, we are given tokens for a free drink and as we wait in the queue for our drink, a court usher bellows out that our presence is required in court. Entering the venue we are handed a (very nice!) pie and a section of the audience sit in jury seats with notebooks and pens poised, and when we are asked to all rise, the judge enters the room. The case is an accusation of rape, with the accuser Jennifer Lyons and the accused Charles Brand being the only witnesses, so it is very much a case of his word against hers . It has to be said sitting munching a pie while listening to a rape case felt a bit incongruous. When the evidence is heard and the court cleared, the jury and audience are asked to consider the evidence and the jury are given the opportunity to ask the questions that the advocates didn’t ask.

Edinburgh Little Theatre’s production is an enjoyable 50 mins and the time races along. The acting is slightly uneven, but the accused and accuser played their roles very well, and the Court Usher was a real star turn. Unfortunately, the case itself was a bit flimsy given the time limitations and despite the subject matter there was little opportunity to ask many meaningful questions that would get to the truth. However there was a brilliant pay off at the end of the play and the audience were still debating the verdict as they left the venue.

Reviewed by Rona

Hill St Theatre


Until 25th August

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