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Socially Awkward Penguin 3*** - One4Review

Socially Awkward Penguin 3***

| On 04, Aug 2019

The venue is definitely a third participant in this show (alongside audience and performer). It’s basically a big bar, so no house lights, and a good chance some of the people in the bay seating will be facing the wrong way. The bar doesn’t stop serving during the show, and there was a small but steady exchange of people coming and going at the back of the room.

This show then, was fortuitously quite well suited to the venue: also sort of rambling and ramshackle, loosely held together by a theme and the performer’s unwavering energy. It felt like the show had a few starts – some intro stuff, some crowd work, and some FAQs. This worked quite well to get everyone settled, and then we were off.

The show’s based around the notion of being socially awkward, and from thence it diversifies in to Ms Fyles personal experiences of being socially awkward, the consequences, her attempts to find solutions, and some exploration of the causes. It’s much more entertaining than that prosaic description makes it sound. There’s a sexy bacon dress.

The show comes together well, the AV enhances rather than disctracts, and  Ms Fyles is a bouncy and engaging performer. Perfect mid-afternoon pub comedy.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Dropkick Murphy’s
14:45, not 19th.

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