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Tom Kitching: Welcome to my Barn 3*** - One4Review

Tom Kitching: Welcome to my Barn 3***

| On 11, Aug 2019

Mind your head on the dilapidated electric fence, don’t disturb the owl, and join Mr Kitching in his barn populated with a variety of farm-yard characters, including Steven, the trans-species sheep/cow, Mr Christmas the turkey, and a blade of grass. The show is a stand-up/character-comedy mash up, and while it tickled one person to almost falling off their chair, the rest of the audience didn’t seem to be quite with it.

Mr Kitching’s characters are delightful, and though only thumbnail portraits, are nonetheless well-formed, distinct and compelling. There’s a little bit of costume for each, just enough, alongside Mr Kitching’s performance, to give life to each.

Where things aren’t so strong are when Mr Kitching seems to be being (at least, a version of) himself. Here he seems less self-confident, and less secure in the comedy he’s presenting, which admittedly, and certainly in contrast with, for example, the sheep-cattle rap battle, is probably justified.

A good concept for a show hampered by the host.

Reveiwed by Laura

Just the Tonic @ The Mash House
13:15 (not 12th)

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