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VIKING – 4**** - One4Review

VIKING – 4****

| On 14, Aug 2019

This tale of Viking adventures through cold Scandinavian winters was fast paced, with lots of action, and plenty of laughs throughout.

After the Viking fighters return home, the village storyteller dies, passing on the mantle to Ragnarr Ragnarson. To be able to tell the stories, he has to travel to find the ‘Story Mead’.

With some help from a talking bear and a lot of hindrance from a bear obsessed bounty hunter, he makes his way along the perilous journey. Using minimal staging, the audience enjoy a sea journey, mountain climbing, a narrow pass, boulder hopping, and a cave of sparkling gold, as well as a dragon-flight for bear and boy.

The troupe clearly have a great sense of fun. The shortest member of cast was Viking Dad, while the Dwarf had to be played by the tallest. The Viking wig-and-beard combos were also great fun.

Overall, this was a charming tale, acted with gusto and humour, that delighted the children and adults alike.

Reviewed by Gill
Underbelly, Bristo Square – Jersey
Until Aug 18

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