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Will Duggan: Class Two 4**** - One4Review

Will Duggan: Class Two 4****

| On 20, Aug 2019

Will Duggan’s style of story telling is confessional and has an authenticity that is very believable. I mean, he absolutely had four imaginary friends growing up. You just couldn’t make it up! Having an imaginary friend in childhood is not uncommon but when there are four. All with individual personalities and names. Well then that could be just a little bit sinister.

As Will ponders throughout the show that bad decisions are most often made for the right reasons. We are taken on a journey that has brought Will to this point in his life. To be standing before us in a Pleasance Bunker at the Fringe. To be very precise.

The journey involves leaving school with much potential. Nearly getting into Cambridge, no less. A stint working at a Harvester. A recent mental breakdown. There are some very heavy, and light, topics covered in a very personable and confessional style.

We like our protagonist. As he recalls stories of being mistakenly accused of inciting racial hatred, and of nearly being mistaken for a possible terrorist with ill advised attempts at humour, whilst going through airport security.

The topics are heavy but the story telling is entertaining and our storyteller is a natural at delivering the lines.

Will packed a lot into his hour of comedy and we learned a lot about him. A very enjoyable hour. This a small venue and Will deserves a bigger audience.

Reviewed by Margot
Pleasance (Bunker Three)
15.15 (1hr)
Until August 26th

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