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The Monkey Butlers

August 8, 2005 |

The Monkey Butlers are Hal Cruttenden, Zoe Lyons, Caimh McDonnell and Paddy Lennox who together perform this hour of sketch comedy that is amongst the best on offer at the Fringe this year, and probably for a few years previously … Read More

Michael Mee: Confessions of a Swot

August 8, 2005 |

Schoolboy experiences form the basis of Michael Mee’s act. His opening is bright and funny as he relates the pitfalls of putting a Christian name to his unusual surname. Settling at an early age in Cork from Canada but of … Read More

Miles Jupp – Young Man in a huff

August 8, 2005 |

Miles brings an upper class perspective on things to the Fringe. His specific slant usuallyentails him keeping the lower classes in their place. He puts forward his own personal views and critiques on modern art, music, literature and new class … Read More

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe

August 8, 2005 |

Mervyn Stutter has been doing this how for 14 years at the Fringe and not much in the format has changed.

Mr Stutter does a couple of numbers having chatted to his packed audience for a while, still dressed in … Read More

Matt Blaize

August 8, 2005 |

Matt Blaize starts his show by commenting on his love, or otherwise, of dinner parties. The rules state we are not allowed to discuss, Religion Sex or Politics, so our topics for tonight are surprise surprise Religion, Politics and Sex.

Read More

Lunchbox Live

August 8, 2005 |

Lunchbox Live is another of the showcase shows that give punters an insite as to what is available on the Fringe 2005.

The show I saw was compered by the excellent Topping and Butch and as all good comperes promoted … Read More

Lucy Porter – Happiness

August 8, 2005 |

I have been following the career of Lucy Porter for a few years now having been impressed with seeing her do literally a minute of her act on a show called sixty acts in sixty minutes.

Lucy’s show this year … Read More

Britalian with Stefano Paolini

August 8, 2005 |

Some comedians have a natural quality in that they can strike up a rapid rapport with their audience within minutes of making their entrance. Stefano Paolini, a first time performer at the Fringe, has this quality. The bare and intimate … Read More

The Lost and Lonely Rebels – A Sketch Show

August 8, 2005 |

Miles Jupp, Humphry Ker and Stuart Murphy are collectively ‘The Lost and Lonely Rebels’.

Difficult to describe but this sketch show is well written, directed, performed and choreographed. If one could say a sketch show is choreographed.

Rebels they may … Read More

Lick & Chew

August 8, 2005 |

This extremely talented double act provide a fitting end to any days Fringe going. Their eclectic mix of sketches, songs and comedy are well suited to a wide spectrum of Fringe going public. Both the opening and closing numbers are … Read More