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Magic @ Cafe Royal - One4Review

I first remember seeing Ian Kendall at the old Southside Venue entertaining the queues trying to get people in to see his show ‘A bit of Kendal Mitch Cake’. A joint show with Mitch Benn, musical comedian, now performing regularly in Radio 4 land.

Ian usually entertained us with his gravity defying stunts and cute raccoon Rocky and I am glad to say both are demonstrated during the show.

I was however disappointed to discover Ian was under the weather after having less than an hour and a half’s sleep thanks to a throat infection. Mind you this could mean the master of misdirection is slower than normal and I might figure out how he does some of his magic. Find out Bah! No way. Despite being sat on the front row eyes peeled, I just couldn’t spot any switches or palming. He did look a little weary at times but managed to work this very successfully in to the show, his slick patter and adaptability make him a joy to watch and listen to the magic is a bonus.

Whether you are into magic or just want an entertaining hour of fun let Ian Kendall put his spell on you.


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