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7 Sins  - One4Review

American James Judd, the creator of the show, is a frenzied raconteur racing through crucial incidents and periods in his life. His introduction to the seven deadly sins began as a 10 year old in 5th Grade. Whilst he was the tall awkward outsider, he was in envious rivalry with the sweet, coy and popular Mary Applebaum in a book report competition. He not only lost but threw such a tantrum he was suspended. By chance, he took to watching soap operas and a whole new world opened up to him. Using a classic soap opera technique, he gained his revenge on little Miss Applebaum. He has had an eventful life and a number of jobs. Perhaps being gay, the most curious was ending up in a brothel on an assignment to China as a journalist interviewing a group of dot com millionaires. Between each highly animated description each of which builds up to a peak, he takes a sip of martini and slows the pace right down with humorous little anecdotes of his time in Edinburgh. It gives himself and the audience a chance to catch breath before he launches himself into the next story. With some comedians there is a sense sometimes of padding things out but with James Judd it is the reverse. It is a case of how much experience can he cram into the hour. He has a highly expressive and entertaining personality. ****

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