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Frankenstein - One4Review

Guildbury are a non-professional theatre company based in Surrey, founded in 1963, they appear regularly in Gildford, Woking and have an annual open-air production in front of the Norman keep at Farnham Castle. They present ‘Frankenstein’ at this years Fringe Festival. Without referring to Mary Shelly herself they just cover her famous novel, this adaptation is written by Ian Nichols, who is also the director and set designer for the show. It is obvious Nichols has taken into account the specific abilities of the performers available to him. Keeping things fairly basic he utilises cast members as narrators from time to time to keep up momentum. Most of the actors play several parts and slip well from character to character. Although unfair in an ensemble show I particularly liked Kathryn Attwood as, Elizabeth, Debby Dean as Justine, Steve Nankervis as Henri Clerval, Damien de Roche as Victor Frankenstein and last but certainly not least Michael Lawrence as the Creature. Whoever does the makeup for the creature is doing a superb job it is excellent. Well written and nicely performed this is a very enjoyable piece of theatre. ****

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