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Hey Diddle Diddle.... - One4Review

Using a nursery rhyme in a dark foreboding way, what a unique idea! No actually Stephen Sondheim has already written ‘Into The Woods’. I take it from this creation Michael Bruce has not only seen it but is a fan of Sondheim.  ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ appeared very Sondheimesque to me and I think it is a fairly good imitation. A young girl is hiding in her room listening to her parents argue, when her father comes in to see her he doesn’t have time to read to her. Picking up her favourite book of nursery rhymes she suddenly finds herself in the world of ‘Diddle Diddle’. The characters have not seen children for years and years everything is so samey, nothing new ever happens but that has suddenly changed. A story about growing up and following our dreams. I enjoyed Michael’s writing and as he is also the Musical Director and Pianist, also enjoyed his playing. The set and costumes are sumptuous and the cast superb. This is a very good piece of musical theatre from an up and coming Sondheim, please don’t go Lloyd Webber. ****

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