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Shiver - One4Review

Shiver is billed as a compelling and disturbing new drama about love. I found it intriguing and disturbing in that I couldn’t figure out whether the action was real or in Christina’s head, whether the loop backs were relived memories or wishful thinking. Basically Christina (Kay Bridgeman) returns home after a trip away as an airhostess, hears a knock and answers the door to find Jacob (Grae Cleugh). Jacob is an old boyfriend whom she thought had been killed in an accident eighteen years earlier. We slowly through, the same scene repeating over and over discover something about the relationship between the two characters. The set is simple but designed in such a way that each return to the start is marked by lighting and sound effects. Cleverly written by Oliver Emanuel and directed by Daniel Bye this is a powerful yet frustrating piece of theatre. Kay and Grae are totally convincing as the two protagonists. Think of a horror version of ‘Groundhog Day’ with no happy ending. ***

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